Monday , June 14 2021

Transfer of Candida Pinto to the RTP rebellion

Change Candida Pinto Of SIC for RTP1 has been causing controversy. Public channel employees continue to complain about disobeying court decisions to incorporate them into the cadres and now show dislike for hiring two journalists for senior positions.

At stake is the recruitment of Cândida Pinto which, after 26 years SIC, now incorporate the information of RTP direction. The journalist and Helena Garrido are the vice presidents of information who join Maria Flor Federoso, the successor to Paolo Dentino.

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On Friday, November 9, the RTP employees' committee announced that it was "surprised" by the announcement of the recruitment of two journalists for leadership positions in the RTP-TV information division.

"It is not for this committee to decide on the legitimate election of the director of information or about the skills of the journalists who are now hired, that we have nothing to talk about, but we must take into account that the verification of these luxury contracts by the RTP is an endless scandal

In a society where employees are over the age of 10 without any salary update and those who refuse to recognize justice hundreds and hundreds of dangerous employees, many of them journalists, its president considers it perfectly normal to hire more celebrities and insult each of the employees under his command.

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