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What the Shoplifters critic says, Gold Palm in Dogs – GPS

Cinema releases on November 22 in Portugal. Tiago Santos gives him almost the maximum rank. Find out why

It's something Oliver Twist en Shoppers, the new and delicate film of Hirokazu Koreeda, who won the Palme d 'Or in Cannes. It is an influence that is present in the first sequence when the young Shota walks through the supermarket islands and – with co-ordination with Osumo, the father – robs the needs of the day to house where Nobuyo (the mother) also lives, Aki (teenager) and her grandmother.

On the way, they find a girl ignored by the parents who argue and, because she is cold and she is hungry, they decide to take her with them. "We are not kidnapped, if we do not ask for a rescue," is the strange logic that is gradually used to demolish traditional family models.

In Shoppers, imagination and sacrifice are values ​​divided into blood, as if the emotional bonds between strangers have replaced a genetic bond that does not guarantee protection and love – a structural failure similar to that of a state unable to fulfill its social responsibilities and indifferent to those who survive in poverty. Koreeda directs the actors in a prodigious way, creating both real and human characters that even reveal their sins affect the conquered empathy.

Shoppers: Family of Smaller Thieves
From Hirokazu Koreeda
JAPO, Drama, 121m, M / 14
With Lily Franky and Sakura Ando
Note: 4 and half stars

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