Saturday , April 1 2023

WWE "desperate" to make Seth Rollins a top baby pit


Last Sunday SummerSlam happened and how main event We had the WWE Universal Championship match, where Seth Rollins regained the title against Brock Lesnar. This victory was seen with some surprise from the fans, as the "Beast" was a champion for only a month.

Looks like WWE is "desperate" to make Seth Rollins top babyface of the company. The former reign of the warrior, with the feud with Baron Corbin and battles alongside Becky Lynch, made the "Beastslayer" lose the flame it won by winning at WrestleMania 35.

Therefore, the logic of WWE in the weeks before SummerSlam was to create the idea that Seth Rollins could not defeat Brock Lesnar, and that idea was fueled by the attacks of the then WWE Universal Champion. The company wanted no fan to believe Seth Rollins' victory, so when that happened, the pop in the arena was great what really happened.

Another sign that WWE wants to become the current WWE Universal Champion upper baby faces Steve Austin spoke about "Stone Cold" well about Seth Rollins during his presence on Monday night and with commentators repeatedly commenting on comments made by WWE Hall of Famer.

The beginning of this new reign of Seth Rollins as WWE Universal Champion, in terms of public reaction, started well for WWE's intentions. Let's see if this continues …

Do you believe Seth Rollins can be one or the one top babyface What does WWE want? Or do you think the current WWE Universal Champion plays the role better heel?

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