Wednesday , February 8 2023

& # 39; & # 39; We shot ourselves in the foot & # 39; & # 39;


Neil Lennon, Celtic Glasgow, blames his team's development from the first half of the return with CFR Cluj to eliminating the Champions League.

Lennon says he does not understand what happened to his band and acknowledges that the outcome of the duel with Transylvanians Petrescu is extremely disappointing.

"In the first half I was so passive, I didn't have a rhythm. I don't know what happened. I didn't have a physical presence, I wasn't aggressive and I certainly didn't work hard enough to block their centering. I got a warning and then I did the same error.After the break I went after them a little better, the team responded properly, but we shot ourselves in the foot with the goals we received. I drove twice and let them equalize.

At the first goal you think it will please, they will wake up. The second goal came with an individual error, on the third we had a lot of defenders in the defense, but we allowed their man to come in and shoot, but so we had to do better in the recovery. The fourth goal is a bit academic as we try to attack with all lines to score. I had many chances to win the match, but I wasted 45 minutes. If we play at least at the level of the second half in the first half, we qualify.

It is very disappointing for us and we have to accept the criticism that comes from the press or our supporters. We need to join and make sure we apply for the European League, "Lennon told a news conference.

Read on CFR Cluj qualify for the Champions League final after a phenomenal win on Celtic's field

CFR Cluj managed to qualify for the Champions League final with a great victory over Celtic Glasgow in the conference round III.

After 1-1 in the tourney game in Gruia, Petrescu's students won 4-3 in Scotland and will now play for group access.

In the final, the Romanian champion will beat Slavia Prague, but already has in his pocket the tickets for the group stage. In case he overtakes the Czechs, the team will evolve into the Champions League groups, and if he loses, he will go to the Europa League groups.


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