Sunday , May 28 2023

Andronache, THE LAST MONKEY at FCSB ?! "I feel great here, very good!" URIASA Surprise: who can be holder with Poli Iasi


Vergil Andronache will be the last time as principal on the FCSB bench in the match with Poli Iasi, tomorrow.

Andronache is happy that he had the chance to train the stars. Enache is a favorite to take his place. "I will help him with everything I can" – promises Andronache. Against Poli Iasi, FCSB can return to the team Gnohere and Pintilii. Both are likely to be incumbents, Andronache confirms.

"Certainly things are starting to calm down. The injured players are coming back, we have reasons for happiness now. We have the same status as before, it does not bother me that many substitute names are used for my position. I have reached the play-off. The Europa League, the players who were injured return, the next objective was to beat Mlada Boleslav, it was not an easy match, they have an extraordinarily good team.

Now, with Iasi, there will be another situation, we will do everything to win. If another coach comes, I'll give him details about the team, of course, that's why I'm here! I will gladly do it. We all want the same thing, if we could get the qualification from here, it would be great. It's not too easy. The main objective is not to get empty. If I score two goals, it would be wonderful. Pintilii and Gnohere can play in the match with Iasi. At least one of them will definitely be, if not both. There are high chances that Roman will return as well, he will probably be in the lot.

Filip's situation is known by the doctors, but I think it is something of medium duration until he returns. I spoke with Narcis Raducan last night, he trusted us. He congratulated us on what we have done so far, we are ready for everything. For me, it was a wonderful time as FCSB coach. Football, I feel very good around the field, on the field, I have no problem"Andronache said.

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