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> Anke Morasha: At the border of the worlds

Since the method was interrupted "to make the fools clearer," the nut rose heavily. The house is the same thing I knew, but it was almost empty. girls there is Nash there is They went to their homes, brothers and Praszow went to the city, Nilus perished in the front. Over the village has passed the war and the unknown worries deviate from people.

The world Illy Moromata knew Was shower. Another one is coming. The proud and wise peasant, who seemed almost always confident in his views, was now worried about an uncertain future. What next? How will that be? it will be OK? There are questions that grind him and often speak out loud.

The situation is so troubled that you do not know who is right, who can predict and ensure a better life for the peasants. Before the payment had to be paid, the Communists now give you a hustle in weft to give you a part of the state, and you are in colchos and not. The policy is no longer done in the Yukan cloak, but in offices, behind closed doors, or in public colleges with people who are divided into camps and come to shout their opinions in front of the mayor's office.

Moromete stands aside and wonders where they will go. What does the king say about the situation in the country? But what do the liberals and the peasants do? Good luck with his friend Cocoşil ​​with whom he now stands on poles on the balcony. And luck with the tongue, it makes the language easier, no matter what times.

Muromacha's world is broken: there is a system in which the honest farmer sees his wheat absorbed after working for him. Neither the land nor the family has been You have It used to be. Katrina is always wrinkled and sorry, and finally she leaves the house cursing. Niculae dreams of preaching social justice means he is not interested in politics. He has done only three classes, but he is always in books. In the shade of the walnut or in the light of the light, he read almost everything that fell in his hand The Brothers Karamazov To Lenin's reporters. This is the only time that Muromachi has a definite future and Says bitterly to the dead: "What Lenin can not do is impossible, or he can, but it does not work well!"

More than 30 years after the release of the film Moromeţii, Many people are expected that the sequel would have little to do with it. I think May Stearr Gola had some luck at first; though he was shaking, he still found the Talpeh house where he shot the first part. From the first frames of 2, With the yard and balcony, the bridge over time has been thrown. Hence, beauty is really in the eye of the guard.

Why you should see your eyes 2 And you can not hear your voice? To understand how he manages again, though grumbling and as defeated by history, give Muromacha a similarity to the state of the fugitive count. And why does Stara Gula say he was asked if he shot the scene of the Royal Assembly in Bucharest before or after August 10, 2018. (Of course he is throwing before. And this is one of the most impressive scenes in the film.) But because this episode chronicles the period 1945-1946, 2, Do not be surprised if those times occurred as a mysterious model of reality with what sometimes happens nowadays.

Then, if Domitero Popescu himself, the "god" of censorship under the communist regime, allowed the first part of 1987 Moromeţii And became a cult film in which so many generations grew, in 2018 no one bothered us to see the second part. Joseph Pashtina, a young and talented young man who began his career in the game Nikolai, saw the first part of the film in the school, in the Romanian language. Which I was in his heart when he was a colleague of the tray with all the gallery of mighty players from the distribution of of two parts? To hide them all, it really does not make sense because the list is easy to find online and the joy of from them See them all on screen; I mention only a few of them I was Miss Florin Zamfirescu or Razzvan Vasilescu. I take off my hat before Dana Dogro, Katrina sulking in her grip, and George Weisso, who has the best performance in the whole movie. As for the complexity of the game played by Horaţiu Mălăele in the main role, it is bad to fall into the sin of comparisons. Marin Prada has built one Muromacha, that's right; But the chance for the Romanian cinema is that he gave birth to two. And shiny diamonds in a different way depending on how the light falls on them.

And if it's something that fits perfectly into this movie, it's definitely light. The wonderful or the name of Vivi Dragan Vasyla, created on 2 A picture so beautiful she did not there is Still invented the superlatives for her.

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