Friday , January 22 2021

Antonia, an infarct image! White under the dress of unloaded jeans!

Antonia has brought about again! He collected the imagination of the men, after the last picture with her, in which she was naked, under a little young jacket. The image reached the Internet and realized many actions.

Antonia had a discreet makeup, and fans were simply in deception. With a relaxed attitude and many sex calls. "The most beautiful in the universe", "Beautifully bad", "Superb", "Perfect", "To appear more often like this, I like your style to die", there are some of Antonia's comments.

Antonia has blinded the fans!

Antonia surprised her fans with a very provocative picture. The artist dressed in a red, transparent blouse that showed her nipples, to the best joy of virtual friends who managed to fill their imagination.

The photo collected more than 3,000 voices in just a few hours after publishing. "Today I'm filming the video for" Matame ". I can not wait to see him!", Antonia wrote in the photo.

Antonia and Alex Velea fell in love for more than four years

The two artists together have two children: Dominic (born December 27, 2014) and Akim Alexandru (born December 7, 2016). The singer also has a daughter, Mayan, from the marriage to Vincenzo Castellano. For the girl's custody, the two previous wives have a dispute that lasts for a couple of years. Maya Rosaria Castellano was born on August 28, 2010. She is currently living in Italy with Vincenzo's grandparents.

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