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Climber Zsolt Torok died in the Fagaras Mountains


The missing climber in the Fagaras mountains is the famous Zsolt Torok and was found dead, Interior Minister Mihai Fifor confirmed to The climber was 45 years old. He broke several records in Romanian and world mountain climbing.

Interior Minister Mihai Fifor posted a photo with Zsolt Torok on the Facebook account on Saturday with the message: "Goodbye, dear friend … May God rest in peace!"

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Climber Zsolt Torok and the question that arose when he met the King

UPDATE. "Unfortunately, he was found dead. It fell among the rocks in the Negoiu Peak area," Salvamont Sibiu representatives told MEDIAFAX.

UPDATE. The climber who disappeared in the Fagaras Mountains was located, Salvamont Sibiu chief Adrian David said on Saturday.

"The 45-year-old Romanian mountain climber was located in the Negoiu Peak region and he seems to be dead. The air evacuation is being tested and there are several rescue groups in the area trying to reach the accident site, "said Adrian David, quoted by Agerpres.

The climber was searched by Salvamont Sibiu and Argeș teams, Sibiu and Argeșan gendarmes but also a MAI helicopter.

Presentations by Zsolt Torok

Follow below an interview given by climber Zsolt Torok at Digi24 Timisoara in 2016. He then spoke about the premiere he performed with another Romanian mountaineer, and what it is like to climb the highest peaks in the world and what preparation it means:

In 2016, Torok Zsolt climbed five peaks in the Himalayas, and Vlad Căpuşan joined him in three of the climbs.

The two made in 2016 in the Himalayas two national awards and a world premiere, in this case being the first people to reach peak 5 in the Makalu region, a mountain 6,421 meters high, which until now has not been climbed since the summit opened to the ascent in 2003.

In 2013, Torok Zsolt led the Romanian expedition, which reached Nanga Parbat, 8,126 meters, considered the highest performance in Romanian mountain climbing.

Zsolt Torok is one of the most well-known and esteemed Romanian climbers in the world, producer of several awards. Among others, it was the Great Walls Marathon, the Alpine Trilogy and K2.

Read here about the peaks conquered by Zsolt Torok.

Initial story:

A missing climber in the Făgăraș Mountains was searched on Saturday by rescuers and gendarmes from two prefectures, and a helicopter from the Ministry of Interior is involved in the operation, reports media correspondent MEDIAFAX.

According to representatives of Salvamont Sibiu, his wife was reported on Saturday morning by his wife.

Seekers are involved in rescue teams in Sibiu and Argeș, as well as gendarmes from the two counties. Cited sources said the climber had disappeared in the Fagaras Mountains, in the Negoiu Peak region.

"There is not much information about this. The call came this morning from his wife. The ground crews are assisting in the search for a helicopter from the Ministry of Interior," Salvamont Sibiu representatives also said.

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