Saturday , June 19 2021

Corina Chiriac's vengeance reaction after Romania TV revealed her news about her: "I'm sending you news from my lawyer" PHOTO

News about the health of the singer Corina Chiriac was broadcast on the Rumanian television stunts.

According to her, the artist would receive a hospital at the emergency, "with more broken facts".

Corina Chiriac denied the information by message on her personal Facebook page and made her understand that she would ask the TV station.

"I'm not sure, I'm going to see you live tonight at the Tanasa Theater." Rumania TV, why do you post any news about it? I'm promising you from my lawyer the next week! ", Wrote the artist on his page of Facebook.

Connected by Libertatea, Corina Chiriac said she "no longer has the humor of such news" and that she has already talked to her lawyer to take the necessary legal measures.

"I have learned from Facebook about this. I do not have more humor for these things, I have for many others, but not for news like this. You can not scare the admirers, why do you have to shock? I received the horrified messages that I sent to my lawyer with photos of the television pitcher, now they are at my house on the balcony, I see that a large tree fell on my street, but it did not hurt us. The police came, everything was right, no one hurt. I'm preparing for the program tomorrow night, from Tanase! ", the singer declared for the appointment date.

Rumania TV took a statement made by Rică Raducanu at Channel D, where he reported a football match interview with Stela Popescu and Corina Chiriac for years.

"We played football teams in the stadium, artists with soccer team. And the central judges were Stela Popescu and the pretty one of Bibanu, and Corina Chiriac. She thought I took her in her arms and gathered her and broke the rest, led her to the hospital what had happened to him and how he cursed me, "said Rică Răducanu, according to

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