Monday , August 8 2022

Cornel Ilie became the father for the second time: the first picture with the baby and the emotional message of the singer PHOTO


Cornel and Eliza Elijah became parents for the second time. Vunk's wife brought young people to the world on July 25, as the artist announced on his Facebook account.

Cornel Ilie also posted the first picture of the baby, who will be called Caesar Mihai. Along with the picture in which the little girl looks happy, the singer also wrote an emotional message, confessing that he had survived the operation and called the "Mother Mothers".

"And you (the thread) of Caesar. Last night, a beautiful future man took care of Zara and led an empire of kindness and love. We will teach you to conquer the world by helping her, making her smile and giving her hope. Caesar Mihai Ilie, I waited for you, Welcome! Moms are gods, papaes are just ordinary people. LE: I attended the surgery, and the doctor's soundtrack was "The Guilty Bones" (Pipette Colibri), already breathing the mission to feel free and say what he thinks, by voice, strong. It does not matter how long your hair is, "wrote Cornel Ilie on Facebook.

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