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EXCLUSIVE Tamara Buciuceanu is 90 years old: «I like that people have not forgotten me»


The beloved theatrical and film actress turned Saturday, August 10, the venerable 90-year-old, a reason to celebrate in the distinguished lady's family. Tamara Buciuceanu Botez also inspired a grandson to pursue the same career, with actor Mihai Constantin (54 years old), the interpreter of Ionică in the movie "Schools". The actress told us what she is doing and what her retirement life is like.

Tamara Buciuceanu no longer plays: "I just want to rest!"

Click! spoke to the beloved actress Tamara Buciuceanu Botez a few days before she turned 90 years old. Despite rumors that he had some health problems, the interpreter of the mathematics teacher Isoscel in "Liceenii", who remained in the memory of many of us, was responsive and immediately answered us by telephone. The actress had just woken up from her afternoon sleep and with a charming Moldavian accent (she was born in Tighina, Republic of Moldova – #), she told us what she was doing. "I'm like that, so I'll move on, it can't be otherwise. But I'm fine, I'm resting at home. After 66 years of theater, I just want to rest and I don't want to play in other projects. At the moment, I don't need anything and I'm fine . The family is with me, I see them and their friends and I enjoy when I have guests. For some time I have been going out and around the house and I like that people have not forgotten me, "the actress told us.

"Schools" is a project I love! "

I reminded him that we met on the back stage of National TV's "Cuscrele" series, in which he played with Draga Olteanu Matei and the beloved Stela Popescu.

"I played with Draga, a very dear person with whom I understood very well at the time. I then worked with a wonderful team with whom I did the hottest television project. And" Liceenii "is another project that I love and I am happy to see. on the small screens, "Tamara Buciuceanu Botez told us. We didn't want to get tired, so we said goodbye with the promise that we would see ourselves again soon. Brother-in-law of the late actor George Constantin and Mihai Constantin's aunt, Ionian of "Liceenii", the actress is still loved and appreciated by the public. Tamara Buciuceanu Botez has a dynamic lifestyle, and in August 2017 went on vacation to Bran with friends who posted pictures on social accounts. On April 5, 2018, before Easter, he received from Gabriela Firea, the mayor of the Capital, the title of Honorary Citizen of Bucharest, as well as the Key of the City. The event took place right at the home of the great artist, who transformed a solemn ceremony into a soul meeting, in which memories, stories of life, sorrows and delights appeared. "I am excited that you have crossed the threshold of the house around the Easter holiday. The distinctions you have given me honor me and represent a very impressive gesture for me," said the actress last year. In December 2018, the Romanian comedy lady was also honored on the stage of the Metropolitan Theater, along with prominent actors. "Mrs. Isoscel" had with Stefan Bănică jr and Oana Sîrbu, their "students" in the famous film "Schools".

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