Thursday , January 21 2021

Florin Yordesi threatens them with criminal cases against demonstrators

Florida's deputy foreign minister, Jordaan, said yesterday "Analyze all options" Referring to the actions he will take against the demonstrators, who posted obscene messages on the gate of his home on Saturday, according to Medifax. "I'm going to analyze, without a doubt, I analyze all the possibilities, things went too far, there is no connection between actions in parliament and such behavior in the public sphere, Said Florin Yurdisch.

According to the Ilpov police representative, Cyprian Romanescu, Florin Yordeschi can file a complaint against the demonstrators within 90 days.

Six demonstrators, including Malin Bot and Marianne Ochsco, who vandalized Florin's garage gate, clung to several posters and various obscene messages, were fined 300 fines for violating the law.

The protesters are motivating their gesture in the video through indecent signs that Florin Iordache has demonstrated opposition in the plenary of the parliament. "He showed us, we want to show him more " They said. They also threw slippers in the courtyard of the Jordan House: "We give him slippers."

In a video posted on YouTube by Malin Bot, you can see the police officers coming to the scene and legitimizing the demonstrators. In the same film you can see how a car leaves the garage, and protesters call "Ciordache", and after that they say that the former minister has buffed another car in a hurry to leave the house.

The protest came after last week, Lieutenant Florin Iordache showed his middle finger in the Romanian Parliament plenum, after deputies voted the decrees that European bodies sought to cancel.

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