Wednesday , January 27 2021

George's violin Ansko echoed an event at the Thalia Auditorium

The Sibiu Philharmonic Orchestra hosted the concert of the virtuoso carotero string on Friday, November 16th. The program of the event included works by George Anescu, Cyprian Forombasco, Constantine Domitercu and Grigoras Dininko.

"Virtos Croitoru Strings is an ensemble that brings together several generations of quality players at the same time and represents a group of friends who feel good both on and during the stage.It seems in poetry, it is observed in relationships between humans and therefore the audience has only to earn," said Gabriel Croitoru.

The artists came to Sibiu during the national tour, which took place on 10-20 November, to present the CD "A Hundred of Traditional Romanian Music on the Stage of the Philharmonic with the Virtuoso Croutero String".

Gabriel Croitoro, the violinist of the Guarneri del Gasso belonging to the Giorgio Enescu, founded the orchestra "Croitoru String Virtuosi" in a desire to continue the professional relationship with the former students of the Bucharest University of Music to a new level of colleagues at the stage.

"Both my wife and I, the violinist Joanna Cruitoro, who teaches me, have always considered the teacher's career to complete one of the translations, so in 2016 we established the Croitoru String Virtuosi group, composed mainly of former students, partners At the present stage, and the success of our two years of activity has led us to start a new musical experience, there is a great popularity in the center of Romanian works, which is the first in the field and there is no printing of the most famous works of the traditional Romanian repertoire in the solo violin version. "

The event ended with the signature session and release of the album produced by the cultural association "Croitoru Pro Enescu" and "Media Sniper".

"We lived a special moment, the songs composed by Ensko and Domiterko are immortal," Elena said, watching.

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