Wednesday , August 17 2022

Gianina of "Las Fierbinti" acts without bra! "It was supposed to stay for my beloved and future baby"


The actress Anca Dumitra has proven over time that she and the personage in the Rumanian series "Las Fierbinti" really do not enjoy very much. Anca surprised the virtual admirators with sex images published on social networks in several occasions and used to be photographed with more annoying routes.

Anca Dumitra owns without bra

Having a different personality from the ingenuous but sympathetic character that she appears, it seems that the actress does not have detention when it comes to an incapable arm. The actress has just published an image on social networks, which has led to controversy between internet users. They could not associate the role of Anca Dumitra on small screens with the sexy hipostasis she had on the internet.

Although the ratings in the right of the images were preserved, there were also some admirers who criticized the actress's initiative. They rebuke the star that he had left some intimate details that only the boyfriend and perhaps his future child should have seen. However, in less than 12 hours, Anca managed to reunite about 6,000 leaks and did not notice the critics of his virtual friends.

While some appreciated its courage, other internet users saw the situation differently. "Hmmm .. I gave the zoom and yes, you can see it. It was to stay for the boyfriend and the future child," said fan. "To what beautiful eyes you could have, and in a bag, you were beautiful. Do not make yourself into another sexy dog, it's full … Always sexuality is everywhere," was the opinion of another inside.

"My and Gianina are different, it's natural to be that, since Gianina is a character. I've always seen Gianina as a nice, nice little man and I wanted the first to look at the spectators, which means that people would love to look at it and see it in All situations are more or less fun. We do not have great features in common, but it's very loud, I really like to play Gianina, "the actress said in an interview for Adevărul for some time.

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