Friday , October 7 2022

"He swears to the dead, but he can not fulfill" please "

[ad_1] was contacted with Virgil Ghiţă, the father of Viitorul's young player, who did not seem disturbed by the cruel injuries that the "King" brought to his son.

"It's an isolated case that I do not think of asking for comments. It's normal situations that take place in soccer and I know what this is about, because I have also practiced sports. I know he cursed my son, but he can not perform "please", so I have nothing to comment.

Mr. Hagi's reaction was normal while it is an isolated case and it does not always happen, provided it does not repeat many times. My son is young, evolving in an email, where he is exposed, so he has a lot to learn from Hagi, "said Virgil Ghiţă, exclusively for

What Hagi hit at the player

At 2:15, Hagi surprised the reporter in Belek screaming in anger from the edge: "Go in me. Ghita, do not do me, exterside. What a miserable man, let me die! ", Hagi shouted to her own player. On the other hand, he was surprised by a free reporter when he cursed him in his beard: "F *** – Your Mouth".

Who are Virgil Ghiţă Jr.

Originally from Pitesti, Virgil Ghiţă was raised at his Academy Gheorghe Hagi, with whom he took the step to the first team and then to the U21 national team. This season, Ghiţă collected 8 matches in the Dobrogea Tank.

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