Sunday , June 11 2023

Huawei is preparing a difficult plan B


Chinese company Huawei has a plan B to protect its company worldwide, within the framework of the US-China trade dispute. The company recently introduced its own operating system called Harmony, reports CNN.

Theoretically, software can replace Android (Google) on Huawei devices if the Washington Administration continues to hinder cooperation between the Chinese company and Google. Creating a new operating system is no problem for a company like Huawei, which has more than 180,000 employees, the resources and infrastructure needed.

But the big challenge will be getting developers to develop software for the new system, as they want to make their software available on multi-platform platforms, in a market run by Google's Android. and iOS from Apple.

If Huawei fails to attract applications like Uber, Instagram or banking and airline software, it will be much harder for the Chinese company to convince potential customers to buy phones using the Harmony system.

"Huawei understands this. Without applications, no one will buy 'phones,'" commented Kiranjeet Kaur, an analyst at IDC global market research. And the Chinese telecom giant recognizes that Harmony's success "will depend on a dynamic ecosystem of applications and developers."

"To encourage widespread adoption, Huawei will be coming out with HarmonyOS as an open source platform worldwide. Huawei will develop a foundation and open source community to support deeper collaboration with developers," said a company.

In the past, other companies that launched open source operating systems to compete with Android and iOS have failed to attract enough supporters.

Microsoft has launched Windows for mobile devices with far fewer applications and existing ones have not increased to the level of competition. Eventually, the company left the platform. Blackberry is another company that has not launched its own operating system.

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