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Jaguar offers a $ 3,000 discount to owners of …

Jaguar is trying to attract Tesla customers by offering them a $ 3,000 discount on the purchase of an I-Pace electric SUV, only asking them to prove they own a Tesla car.

Jaguar has launched a new strategy to boost sales of the I-Pace electric model, an SUV that competes with the Tesla Model X, but fails to attract too many customers in the United States. The new advertising campaign has a $ 3,000 rebate for Tesla owners regardless of model. The offer is not subject to exchange (the so-called purchase by us), nor to any other terms. Simply, if you can prove that you own a Tesla, you will receive the $ 3,000 discount, along with the other grants, which can reach up to $ 15,000.

Jaguar I-Pace was launched last year on the market, including in the United States, but sales did not exceed 200 units monthly. After the first 7 months, in 2019, I-Peace sold on the US market in just 1,500 units.

According to Jaguar messages, family members who own a Tesla car can also buy. The only condition is to present the proof of ownership of the Tesla car, granting a single discount for OS (car identification number).

The list price of Jaguar I-Pace is $ 69,500, and with the discount applied, the price reaches 66,500, while with all the subsidies you can get to buy an electric vehicle, the price will be $ 54,500, well below the level. for $ 75,315, how much does the Model X cost?

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A few months ago, Tesla customers reported receiving an email that found a comparison between a Model X and a Jaguar I-Pace. The major problem with the British SUV, however, is the length. If Tesla is more than 5 meters long, I-Pace is only 4.68 meters long, the difference is noticeable not only to the volume of the trunk, but also to the comfort of the passengers, considering that both are on a platform with 3 tracks; 00 meters.

Starting this year US customers have a new competitor in the electric SUV market, the Audi e-tron, at $ 74,800, which is close to the Model X, 4.90 meters. In the near future, Mercedes-Benz will also sell the EQB, an electric SUV, but closer in size to I-Peace, at 4.78 meters, and with a smaller track path, 2.87 meters.

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