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Samsung hit. The strategy by which the competition is crushed


The new Galaxy Note 10, Note 10 Plus and Note 10 Plus 5G are debuting, three smartphones closing the Korean company's super-category for 2019.

A rich portfolio, which, it seems, could create some confusion among buyers, though the presence of the capacity nib sends a clear signal that distinguishes these three smartphones from the rest of the mobile landscape. Let's see what changes between them, what are the differences with the Galaxy S10 and the prices dedicated to our market.

The hardware is the same for everyone: under the hood is the new eight-core Exynos 9825 core chip made at 7nm, so a step forward compared to the Exynos 9820 (8nm) mounted on the Galaxy S10 and with the expected performance, consistent with those of the Snapdragon 855 chips that will be marketed outside Europe. Samsung has also integrated 12 GB of RAM in the Galaxy Note 10 Plus. Instead, it is more common to cut 8 GB of Galaxy Note 10 RAM.

Substantive confirmation for the cameras: The base is made from the classic triple rear system, as already seen and rated on Galaxy S10 / S10 +, however the look now in the "traffic light" style is changing to Huawei P30 Pro. main and 12x 2x canvas, in addition to the almighty 16MP wide angle. In addition, the Galaxy Note 10+ (and Note 10 5G) acquire ToF, a VGA image sensor, to take advantage of some of the new features, such as "Live Focus Video". In addition, there is one 10-MP front camera (f2.2) positioned in the center, in the small hole cut out on the screen.

He is one of the unspeakable protagonists, the dynamic AMOLED panel occupying up to 93% of the front surface and the edges have now been reduced to the bone. At first glance the Galaxy Note 10 brings out "alas", they are far more extreme than the smaller siblings of Galaxy S10. Be careful as Samsung has decided to reduce the resolution of the Galaxy Note 10 to "only" FHD + (2280 x 1080 pixels) and instead keep the QHD + history at most (3040 x 1440 pixels) in the Galaxy Note 10+.

No compromise on NFC ragged connectivity, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS / Galileo / Glonass / Beidou, outdated WiFi hack (as with Galaxy S10), USB Type 3.1 (with 45W upgrade support) and LEM Cat 20 modem that allows up to 2Gbps downloads and 150Mbps uploads. For the most demanding, 5G will be available, as we all have the UFS 3.0 memories, which promise record speeds for writing and reading.

The headset disappears as Samsung has always kept this input and the explanation could simply be related to lack of physical space. Another "audio" curiosity refers to the presence of a third small loudspeaker, positioned between the rear cameras and the center of the back cover, an additional element that will serve to give more sound when Galaxy Note 10 is kept on the surface. silver.

One of the most important factors is the range, which finds the right support here with a 4,300mAh battery.
It's easier to use an S Pen on a 6.8-inch surface and it makes it easy to take advantage of all the new and old features you need, if you have to write and take a few centimeters make a difference.

Definitely important with its 196 grams, Samsung nevertheless managed to contain the full size by narrow edges, so the height of the Galaxy Note 10+ is slightly higher than that of the Galaxy Note 9 (162.3 mm compared to 161, 9 mm ) with a 6.4-inch screen.

The Galaxy Note 10 series will launch with a base price of € 949 in Europe. Galaxy Note 10+ will be released, in variants with 12 GB RAM and 256 GB priced at € 1099. The 12 GB RAM and 512 GB storage will cost € 1199, according to the publication specialarad.ro.

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