Sunday , May 22 2022

Samsung & Under Armor, a partnership for watchmakers


This week Samsung released Galaxy Note10, the latest Note range. During the same event, the company also launched the Galaxy Watch Active2 watch, in an exclusive release made with Under Armor.

Samsung Electronics and Under Armor have announced an exclusive edition, Under Armor Edition, of Samsung's latest smartwatch, Galaxy Watch Active2.

Galaxy Watch Active2 Under Armor Edition is a new kind of smartwatch, built specifically for passionate runners who want to update their fitness routine.

As part of the partnership with Under Armor, Samsung offers complete experience to runners, providing them with benefits that will help them keep track of their fitness and avoid the risk of injury, through a set of specifications available in Galaxy. Watch Active2 Under Armor Edition.

With specifications such as real-time cadence measurement and premium access to the world's largest fitness community through MapMyRun, the Galaxy experience on this smartwatch offers faster fitness tips, intuitive guidance, but also complete exercises, accessible directly at the wrist. hand.

Running coach

The Galaxy Watch Active2 Under Armor edition offers users real-time fitness tips to help them get the most out of their running sessions. Using data from the smartwatch as well as from the Under Armor Connected Footwear collection, users can view the feedback on the screen and receive audio-visual guidance during training sessions, so they can maintain and implicitly accomplish their fitness goals.

Galaxy Watch Active2 Under Armor encourages users to set personalized goals according to their needs, such as pace, distance and duration, and provides audio guidance and tactile feedback during the on-going session. Due to the real-time guidance based on the information gathered from the watch, the user will receive comments that will allow him to make changes in the training. After the training, users receive detailed analysis and fitness tips on their smartphone, which gives them a detailed perspective on the working technique that no other product on the market offers.

MapMyRun Partnership

Prior to each race, users can set up personal training plans and receive tips to help them accomplish their goals. Galaxy Watch Active2 Under Armor includes six months of free trial on the MapMyRun app, giving consumers access to training plans that can motivate them to get the most out of their work.

During the exercises, the Under Armor showcase will display relevant data, such as heart rate, running pace, and overall fitness for users to view them in real time and evaluate their progress.

When using Galaxy Booths, users can access audio visuals at certain intervals during training, giving them additional motivation to reach their goals. By connecting to the smartphone, users have access to detailed training reports, along with important information about running sessions.

Linked to each step

Starting in 2019, all the shoes from the HOVR Under Armor collection will connect to the MapMyRun app. With compatible Samsung devices, users can connect their shoes directly to the Samsung smartwatch so that they will get guidance and feedback directly on the watch screen.

Exclusively on Galaxy Watch Active2 Under Armor, connecting the smartwatch with the running shoe in the UA HOVR collection gives users constantly updated running distance statistics, as well as guidance during training. Offering accurate data and concrete tips to improve running, sports shoes and smartwatch becomes overtime with the personal trainer.

The right time for runners

The Galaxy Watch Active2 Under Armor Edition comes in a lightweight sports body with an aluminum dial, a special display, as well as two size options – a 44mm variant, a black strap and a 40mm variant. gray strap. Both straps are made of Fluoroelastomer (FKM) and have a design that allows the skin to roll, being very comfortable to wear, for users to achieve the activity they want.

Along with Galaxy Watch Active2 features, such as the new digital rotary dial and One UI interface, the Galaxy Watch Active2 Under Armor offers users more design and intuitive control options specifically designed to meet their health and fitness needs. .

The front of the smartwatch offers a clear interface and the MapMyRun application is accessible with a single tap. The front of the mobile phone has an Eclipse-like design, whose brightness changes depending on the time of day, with well-defined date and time modes, so you have that information at your fingertips.

As I said, Samsung has unveiled the latest Note series this week. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 also has an older brother, if you believe me, Note 10+. Samsung has also improved the connection to the computer, now the phone can be connected to a laptop.

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