Wednesday , August 10 2022

The duel between the "dogs" and FCSB was prefigured by two derbys in U17 Elite League and U19 ⚽


Even if they talk, fate can not schedule three dynamo dynamo – FCSB only 7 days. The big game to be held on Sunday at the Arena Arena (21:00) was prefaced by two U17 and U19 teams in the disputes. And in order for the tension of the weekend game to remain unchanged, the victories were divided after the matches that gave us the stages of the game we wanted in the game of the elderly.

The derby week started with the big junior team, under 19. Dynamo scored 5-2 with all goals being scored after the break. Former players of Dynamo Andrei Margaretsco and Catalin Montano played the success of the future stars of "The Dogs," who hope their victory will inspire Rednick's team to play with their opponents.

Robert Matty: "It always tastes sweet victory with FCSB"

Winners of what are the most important duel of the season, it seems that the dynamos float at the end of the game. "It's always sweet to win FCSB, it's all the same, from the smallest team to the big ones, it's the same in these games," said Robert Matty, the captain of Dogs. Like all his teammates, he dreams of making the young team a step towards the big team. "We always hope, we give the best, maybe we will reach the big team, we do our work here, every year we were the best and we continue like that," Matthew added.

The defeat with Dynamo in the U19 Elite League hurts more difficult than eliminating the Romanian trophy Elderly

If the dynamist still dreams of the big group of "dogs," for FCSB player Daniel Tome, the dream came true. He was a member of the team Nikolai Dika, for the last time also a failure of the Danube Klarasi, in the Romanian Cup. "It's not hard to be in two teams, there's a little fatigue, but I'm happy to play here and I hope to make the league debut for the first team and continue on the same line," Toma said. Even if the failure at the Danube meant the elimination of the Romanian Cup, the Junior said it was more painful to defeat the Elite League, "It's hard to digest two losses a week," he said, "The failure with Dynamo was harder, but we're going further and hoping to win the next game. He hopes the failure will be avenged by his peers on Sunday: "Without a doubt the team is driven by the defeat of Clarisse and we all think we won with Dynamo."

In U17, FCSB was forced after the players said a prayer

A few dozen minutes after the end of the game under the age of 19, the game of the teams under the age of 17 started in the same field of the Tiirac Sports Complex Complex in Pantalaimon. Now FCSB was forced 2-0 thanks to two goals scored in the second half but also in divine help. Because even if they were looking for them, Patrician Gigi did not find actors so violent to say "our father" before the game began. And the prayer was in force, Tenaz's heirs, Pintelli or Genoher defeated the traditional opponent after two goals against the game: the counterattack after a corner of the dynamos and then a penalty.

At the end of the game, captain winners, Oviedo Periano, was very happy for victory. He admits that matches with Dynamo have a special emotional load, so at these parties he goes on the ground more motivated than ever: "For us, this is the most important game, so I came with the desire to win the game. , It's something special to win against Dynamo and I think I've had some respect, "said Periano.

Just a few days before the Grand Derby between Dinamo and FCSB, it is clear the thoughts of all the junior clubs are going towards the Sunday game. Freiano is sure that the winner is not the problem, and he even knows the score: "There is only one Derby in the country, Dynamo – Stawa, so everyone is coming to see this game." I want to beat Steaua 4-0,

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