Monday , August 8 2022

The largest IT investor in the world launches a new investment fund with a budget of 40 billion dollars


SoftBank of Telecom, founded and controlled by the richest Japanese businessman Masayoshi Son, leaves a new investment fund of $ 40bn, cited by Wall Street Journal. Reuters.

The second Vision Fund (II) foundation would be approved this week.

The Foundation Fund (I) was launched three years ago with a $ 100bn record, part of this budget provided by the Saudi Arab Public Investment Fund and has now funded more than 80 Computer companies that are in an advanced phase.

Softbank is a strength in the media and telecommunications market, with a market value of $ 68 billion. The company is headed by Masayoshi Son, the richest retailer in Japan. Softbank also invested in a Chinese online giant giant Alibaba. Softbank's largest purchases were in 2013, when it earned $ 22bn in 77% of Sprint Nextel's shares in 2006, when it bought $ 15bn in the Japanese division of Vodafone, following the acquisition of the British developer of ARM processors. with $ 32 billion.

About leading companies, Softbank invested in: We Company, Slack, Uber, OneWeb, Boston Dynamics, Brain Corp. Limonado, Cambridge Mobile Telematics, Paytm, Plenty and more.

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