Monday , August 8 2022

The mysterious disappearance of a 15-year-old girl in Caracal. The guards tracked the GPS from their phone


Prosecutors and police on Friday made three searches of a young person in Dobrosloveni, Olt District, who disappeared, the last time he was seen in Caracal when he was on a car. The Police officers sent the migration of a mixed team to Olt.

The representatives of the OLT Police said to the MEDIAFAX correspondent that the police, under the coordination of the Attorney's Office linked to the Olt court, made three searches in Caracal for a missing girl.

"Research has been committed to commit the crime of freedom. The girl's mother announced the disappearance on Thursday, said she did not return home"Said the mentioned sources.

The young people, 15, would be seen last time in Caracal as they entered a car.

Sources of the researchers said one of the addresses on Friday, arrived after the GPS data on the face of the phone.

In turn, the representatives of the Office of the Attorney attached to the Olt Court said that this case is registered at the Office of Attorney bound to the Caracal Court, and after searching, according to what's available, the file will be rejected.

Police officials check whether this case is also related to another disappearance registered in Olt, in the same area.

The Romanian police ordered the submission of a mixed team of experts from the Criminal Investigation Service and the National Criminal Investigation Institute to support the investigations carried out on the Caracal case, the IGPR representatives presented.

Facebook reports that one of the searched addresses would find the bodies of the two adolescents.

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