Monday , August 8 2022

The news for Huawei phones that ALL customers are waiting for


The news for Huawei phones that ALL customers are waiting for

Huawei Phones Today, we have great news that all the clients wait for a long time, and I'm pretty certain that this is just the beginning for something more important. After months of severe sanctions for Huawei phones, there is a great deal of news, like the Honorary XX Benefit, a delinquent launch phone for US sanctions, finally sold worldwide.

Huawei phones are basically the first news in recent months, since Honor 20 Pro is licensed by Google for Android sales, which the American company has initially refused to do. If she has done it now, it means that the problems that have been disabled, have been solved, either by license or by other means, and that means that Huawei phone launches could gradually return.

The news for Huawei phones that ALL customers are waiting for

The Honor 20 Pro is only one of the Huawei phones, which have delayed the release for US sanctions, so changing attitudes could now be useful to other models. We all know that, due to the fall of many Huawei phones now developed, they should come to market, but all depends on the desire of other Chinese partners to continue to license their products.

"Honor, the global mobile phone market, today announced the commercial availability of HONOR 20 PRO, and Russia was the first market that started official sales at a media event in Moscow. Moreover, it has been available in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic , Finland, Poland, Malaysia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other markets will continue. "

Google was the last hope of launching Huawei phones already developed and ready for sale, and apparently they finally managed to find an understanding with the US government. Honor 20 Pro has been published in China for some time, but now it will reach other European areas until now, because in the US Huawei phones are unofficially banned by various physical stores or online sales.

New Huawei phones will arrive in Romania once, but it remains to see how much time will be needed for the worldwide distribution of this new model, and also for other future models.

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