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"We're weak! Who's talking?" Gigi Becali said, on what place will end the FCSB championship


  • Soccer, League 1, Phase 26: University of Craiova – Astra (Monday, 20:00, Digi Sport 1)

  • Soccer, Champions League, optimal, return: Real Madrid – Ajax (Tuesday, 22:00, Digi Sport 1) and PSG – Manchester United (Wednesday, 22:00, Digi Sport 1)

VIDEO FC Voluntari – FCSB 2-2 | The redclubs finished the regular season in second place after the third fate in 2019 and after a new show under expectations. Gigi Becali spoke "warm" about the Volunteer game, DIRECTTE at Digi Sport, and "swept" the players but did not return to better feelings even after some time.

The masters of FCSB were so bad Monday morning. "I do not know how to draw any conclusions. I'm confused!" I'm not interested in the championship, and I want to play in Europe, so I'm getting rid of it. We did not win Volunteers and Kalarasas. You have 1-0 in the 13th minute With Voluntari and you get two goals. What do I have to make? We go to the Champions League and shake us!

My conclusion is, we're weak. If the Volunteers beat you, he hit us, what are the advertisements? We make popcorn on the ground. We eat popcorn and lamb. Players must be men! ", said Pro X, Gigi Becali.

The retailer also feels players do not keep their messages, but they have no ambition to prove that they have a value. "I do not have an ambition, who can talk to the players, if that is, they are." They want to sleep on the ground. I say, "Do not sleep longer!" But they like to sleep a bit. I have nothing to say. Only, this is your life. If you want a little, you'll get a bit, Becali added.

In addition, Becali is convinced that his team will return to the play and, of course, the title will be an agreement between CFR Cluj and U Craiova. "I do not think it needs time, I think players need a lot, we do not have a strong team, we do not have strong warriors, we have a goat, it does not work with popcorn. We have football players. Spring has come and we will make popcorn , tulips, snows. We have soccer players who have little talent, but they are not warriors.

I think we'll end the champion third place. I was discouraged ", Becali said.

FCSB has changed the coach, but the most important problem is the same. Duckadam said everything!

Helmut Duckadam, the red blue president, was the only specialist, who said after the game that the team's main problem was physical training.

"The Seville hero" said several times this season that the team had a physical problem and was not the only one. and Ilie Dumitrescu noted this issue, especially last year. Furthermore, the former great football player also publicly told Gigi Becali that new Thomas Neubert needs.

After the draw of Voluntari, present in the study of the show "Soccer Club", from Digi Sport, Duckadam put his point on it. "Team has suffered physically!". Certification about this is the stadium that took Olympia Moruţan (19 years old) to the previous one. Paused, instead of Mihai Roma, Moruţan signed to the reserve bank, in the 89th minute that he can not and wants to change, because FCSB exhausted all the changes since the 46th minute.

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