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What Raluka and Ana Baniciu chose to do after they won the Asia Express on Antena 1. They are completely changed!


Almost two years after filming for the first Asia Express season on Antena 1, Raluka and Ana Baniciu – the winners of the contest are completely changed. Pictures of the two appeared, and the fans were pleasantly surprised by the girls' new hype and the surprise they were preparing.

What is Raluka and Ana Baniciu doing now, former competitors in the Antena 1 reality show

The winners of the first season of Asia Express, Raluka and Ana Baniciu, chose after the end of the Antena 1 reality show to focus on their great passion, the music.

Recently, the two artists returned to the fans' attention with a seasonal song they collaborated with, and a tailor-made video.

The girls changed their look, but they were still beautiful and attractive.

Raluka and Ana Baniciu teamed up with Andrei Vitan and SONJA, and created an unforgettable summer story with the video for the song "Temperature."

The shots took place on the beach in Vadu, and the girls appear in arousal hypostases on the coast. The exotic décor, the bathing suits, the hair in the wind create a summer, holiday and coastal vibe under the noisy afternoon sun.

They launched Temperature

The song is a remake of Andrei Vitan's original song – "Temperature", released in the summer of 2018, which reached nearly 9 million views. Andrei has discovered his passion for music since childhood, he has done singing and dancing.

Raluka, one of the best voices in Romania, doesn't get noticed because of the special postage and the show the artist makes every time he gets on stage. Raluka participated in and won the Asia Express show with her colleague, Ana Baniciu, the daughter of the famous singer Mircea Baniciu.

The two of them had a nice friendship and were happy to have fun at the seaside while filming. Raluka has long wanted to release a song with Ana: "When I was listening to this song, I thought straight about it. It's a piece that stays in your head, and this time I met Andrei Vita and Sonja and I'm glad!The

Ana is also pleased with this release: "The temperature is a summer piece that takes you on vacation and I enjoy working together, especially since my friend, Raluka, is also involved in this project. "

Silviu Mindroc directed the production of the video Loops Production, and the production of the song was signed by Alex Cotoi.

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