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Who is the woman with whom Cătălin Măruță loved herself before Andra. He let her be with the singer


Andra and Cătălin Măruță form one of the most beautiful and long-lived couples in the local show. But little do I know that the PRO TV presenter loved himself before the producer of the show he presented on TVR 2 years ago.

Cătălin Măruță fell in love with the daughter of journalist Ovidiu Ioanițoaia, Iulia

Cătălin Măruță and Andra There are so many people together that no one ever thinks the TV presenter had any other relationships before he met his wife. Cătălin Măruță fell in love with a woman as famous as Andra. This is Iulia Ioanițoaia, the daughter of journalist Ovidiu Ioanițoaia. SEE PHOTOS GALLERIES

Iulia was the producer of the show that Cătălin Măruță presented many years ago on TVR 2, "The binocular tonomato". And because from friendship to love is only one step, the two fell in love and had a relationship of two years and several months. It looks like their paths were split when Cătălin appeared in Andrei's video, "Boys and girls who want". That was also the moment when Cătălin and Andra took over the relation of love.

Iulia is the producer of the show presented by Cătălin Măruță
Iulia Ioanițoaia and Cătălin Măruță have had a relationship of 2 years. Photo source:

What Andra says about the moment he met Cătălin Măruță

Andra met her husband during the TVR 2 show when Cătălin Măruță put the artist to sing live. Andra was only 19 at the time. Later, Cătălin Măruță appeared in the clip of the singer, but the artist remembered a few years later that he did not like the performer, because he had long hair.

"We first saw him on the TVR show. We were friends. I didn't see him then as the man I would spend my whole life with, especially when he had long hair. I didn't like it at all. When he was cut, I began to look at him with other eyes, "Andra remembered through the years about the first meeting with her who would become her husband", according to Andra and Cătălin Măruță form one of the most soldier couples. Married for 11 years, the two have two children together: a boy, David and a girl named Eve.

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