Monday , June 21 2021

Capcom begins to share statistics from Resident Evil 2 worldwide players

Yesterday there was a remake worldwide release Resident evil 2 and soon Capcom launched on the franchise section's website with global statistics of players who can give their data to developers.

If you log in to your Resident Evil account, then you can also see your own statistics. Various information is available on the portal, for example, how many users started their first step for Leon (79%) or Claire (21%).

Other interesting data on the site (importance at 16:00 Moscow):

  • Players have already spent more than 575 years in the remake and 347 days
  • They spent 13 years and 166 days solving the puzzles
  • A total distance covered is 15 million kilometers (18.8 billion steps)
  • 39 million infected people were killed, which is 393 more than the total population of Raccoon City
  • killed 6,127 million enemies with a knife
  • 5 million particles were released: 28% of which were grenades and knives, other 28% were grass
  • after Mr. X was 1.99 million kilometers (player – 3.2 million kilometers)
  • players scared 34.7 million chips (0.0023% of the total population chip)

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