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Early symptoms of brain cancer

British scientists have noted several symptoms of brain cancer that are early in the development of the disease and are often overlooked by a patient.

Experts from the HCA Healthcare's United Kingdom Department emphasized that for a more successful treatment, it is important to consult doctors early in cancer.

Depending on the location of the brain tumor and its size, brain cancer can produce a wide range of symptoms. Clinical manifestations of brain tumors usually go up with the development of the disease. This can be expressed in the growth of the primary, cerebral and somatic symptoms. If a brain tumor is benign, the disease usually develops gradually, slowly and gently over several years. The development of brain tumor can be hidden for a long time, with periodic exacerbations of clinical manifestations. In malignant tumors, the disease usually starts acutely, sometimes as a stroke, like a vascular disease of the brain or meningitis and contagious viral infection.
First symptom: Headaches. Suspicion should cause frequent persistent pain. An early sign of brain cancer is often a headache, which occurs in the morning, along with it has a breakdown, a visual impairment. The nature of the headache may depend on the location of the tumor and its histostructure.
Second symptom: nausea and vomiting. They occur due to the fact that the tumor inhibits the flow of liquid. The occurrence of vomiting does not depend on food intake, it is often on an empty stomach without early nausea, belching and abdominal pain.

The third symptom:
dizziness. It Is the result of a sharp increase in intracranial and muscular fluid pressure. Usually dizziness is accompanied by tinnitus, hearing loss, as well as headache and vomiting.
Symptom 4: Forgetfulness. Changes in cognitive functioning and in the nature of a person are often attributed to age, but they may indicate brain cancer. Loss of memory and loss of initiative, confusion in arguments that correspond to the image of early symptoms of the disease.
Symptom 5: Uncontrolled Actions. Distorted muscles, involuntary movements, biting of the tongue, loss of bladder control-the recognition that the body has stopped obeying rational efforts is a good reason to go to the doctor.
Symptom 6: Hearing loss and balance. Hearing problems in case of brain cancer can occur due to the fact that this growing tumor begins to press the nerves in the ear. It also affects the nerves associated with providing balance, and a person may experience an imbalance while walking.

Mental symptoms gradually appear along with other brain symptoms as a result of increased intracranial pressure, blood and circulatory disorders, hypoxia, cerebral edema and degeneration of cellular structures of the cortex. Poisoning can also cause mental symptoms. The most typical mental disorders are: stupidity, weakening of attention, numbness of perception and memory, slowing associative processes, reducing the critical attitude toward oneself, illness and other diseases, general fatigue, apathy, lack of initiative.

The reason for the presumed diagnosis of brain tumor and the patient's reference to oncological consultation is the appearance and progressive development of the severity of certain neurological symptoms.

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