Monday , June 21 2021

In Crimea, a memorandum of the event with the Ukrainian ships was prepared

SIMFEROPLE, Jan 26 – Ratio Novosti. Lawyers prepared a legal memorandum on the incident in Kerch Strait, where three Ukrainian ships were arrested due to violation of the Russian border. This was referred to RIA Novosti by the head of the working party on international legal affairs at the permanent representative of the Crimea office under the President of Russia, Alexander Molokhov.

"This is the point of view of lawyers about the events that have taken place. In a legal point of view, this can be uniquely qualified as a provocation of Ukraine. And we are willing to satisfy this noun by means of the help of legal documents," he said.

According to the lawyer, the document will be sent soon.

"The Ukrainian side is taking steps that lead to the complete immobilization of the existing international relations system in the waters of the Black and Blue Seas, as well as the Kerk Strait," said Molokhov.

On November 25, the Ukrainian ships Berdyansk, Nikopol and Yany Kapu violated Russia's state border in the Black Sea and evolved dangerously for several hours without responding to the legal requirements of the Russian authorities.

The border guards arrested the ships, on board there were 22 sailors and two officers of the SBU, who, according to the FSB, coordinated the provocations. All were arrested after allegations illegally crossing the state border.

President Vladimir Putin called on the situation in the Kerch Key provocation that Pedro Poroshenko needed in the execution of the presidential elections due to his low qualification. At the same time, the head stressed that border guardians had fulfilled their duty to protect Russia's state border.

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