Sunday , June 11 2023

"Super!" Podolskaya showed a picture of three generations of Presnyakov


Natalia Podolskaya – the wife of Vladimir Presnyakov Jr. – posted a moving and heartfelt photo on Instagram. The singer's wife released a photo featuring three generations of the stellar family: Vladimir Presnyakov Sr. and his wife Elena, their son Presnyakov Jr. with Natalya, as well as grandson Nikita and his wife Alena Krasnova.

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"Today is like this"– Podolskaya signed the post, with many hearts accompanying the comment.

Instagram @nataliapodolskaya

According to subscribers of Natalia Podolskaya, she did a real miracle – reuniting a stellar family is not that simple. Relatives are constantly on the road with tours and have busy shooting schedules. Fans were impressed by the image released by Presnyakov, Jr.'s wife, and they were quick to give the pets compliments.

"A very beautiful photo, sincere";

"We adore you! You are so warm, dear, kind, real";

"The Incredibles!" – wrote followers.

Vladimir Presnyakov Jr. legalized relations with Natalia Podolskaya in 2010. This marriage was the second for the singer.

Earlier, had said that Natalia Podolskaya did not fit on an inflatable toy in the pool.

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