Thursday , June 17 2021

"The battle with McGregor interests us according to the rules of boxing"

Abdulmnap Nurmagomedov, the father and coach of UFC easy champion and kindly Nurmagomedov, spoke about the possibility of a fight against Connor McGregor under general boxing.

– As for the fight against Conor according to the rules of boxing, we are interested in such a fight. Habib showed he was able to beat the best drummers of mixed martial arts. He had talked about it before, but few believed it. However, after brilliant victories over Michael Johnson, Edson Barbosa and Connor begin to believe. Habib can do it with the ring of the fist.

Haviv has all the skills to win according to the rules of boxing. One of the key skills can be called endurance. I remember a five-round battle with Jacquinta, where Habib showed his willingness to fight any expression, using everything from the rest of the light left to dominate the stands. I would like to point out that the battle with Jakvinta was of great importance to us, was a champion belt at stake and it was important to hold the meeting coolly, taking our own. What we did, – said the expert.

Recall, on October 6, Nurmagomedov defeated McGregor in the title struggle with suffocation hold.

Nurmagomedov, after defending the lightweight UFC champion, challenged Floyd Mayweiser.

Floyd Mayweiser: "The battle with Nurmagomedov will be held by my rules"

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