Tuesday , January 26 2021

You can act within minutes: Doctors began to treat cancer with injections – Health News News

Doctors from England began using injections to diagnose and treat lung cancer. Using a hot needle, they performed a biopsy, and according to their results they performed a second surgery, removing the affected area using a small hole.

According to the Daily Mail, all cancer treatment in this method takes place in three stages. First, biometric is taken for surgery (biopsy) from the affected organ, and then a hole between the patient's ribs and the malignant formation is taken out, and then BioLearn is placed on this site, which accelerates the healing of the tissues.

"The new treatment method allows you to accelerate test results for up to two weeks, sometimes days, which reduces patient anxiety and means that tumors that could not be cured without significant surgery can be activated under local anesthesia within a few minutes" in the media.

It was also noted that patients after such surgery may be discharged from the hospital the next day. Former patients who tried this method on themselves noted that the entire operation was convenient.

As Oboservatel wrote, doctors concluded that the treatment of malignant tumors is more effective in patients infected with a particular virus.

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