Tuesday , January 26 2021

Al-Ja'ja 'and Bayer in order to achieve justice in Khashoggi, the Saudi demand before it is international

ElBaradei: The judge in the case of Hogogi is a Saudi suit before it is international

Saudi Justice Minister Adel al-Ghanem said that the case in the case of Saudi Arabia was a Saudi suit before it was international, adding that US intelligence reports were based on assessment rather than conclusive evidence, adding that the kingdom had already known that these claims The Crown Prince is totally unfounded and rejects it completely whether through leaks or other,

He added in an interview with the Saudi newspaper Ashqq Al-Awsat that several newspapers had published a report on the relationship between the ambassador of the United Kingdom and the United States, Prince Khaled bin Salman, and Jamal al-Jamal, before Who entered the consulate, which was not true, since there was no telephone contact between them and the problem was rejected overwhelmingly, weak sources where such leaks are based.

"The kingdom has not investigated the case of Al Khashoghi's death on international public opinion, and it has been investigated because it is the murder of a Saudi citizen, which is unacceptable, and the crimes of those who committed it must be accounted for. 11 people refer them to the court system while continuing investigations with the rest.

The Saudi foreign minister added that the kingdom would continue to try them according to her testimony and confessions, stressing that these people committed a double crime by presenting a misleading report about the truth about what happened at the consulate that day.
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