Wednesday , August 10 2022

Apple Reveals Reason To Launch A Battery Rechargeable Software For iPhone


Apple has released an official statement explaining today the main reason for the launch of the iPhone replacement battery program, which in particular requires replacing the battery of Apple suppliers, to put an end to the controversy among many users in the recent period.

In the past there has been a lot of talk about Apple's battery replacement program launched for iPhone users, where the company has been accused of trying to force users to replace the battery and make repairs at Apple, to prevent users from making the necessary repairs to phones via third parties.

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However, Apple responded today by issuing an official statement explaining the reason for the launch of the iPhone battery replacement program, which comes for security reasons, according to Apple's statements.

Recently, some experts on iFixit do not check iOS software to replace the battery with third parties, where the phone stops showing battery status information after replacing the battery with third parties, and this was explained by Apple's attempt to force users to change the battery. battery via Apple directly. .

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