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Children of superiors are at risk of autism because of that!

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A study of more than 132,000 Canadian children under the age of five found that those exhibited to higher levels of air pollution were more likely to develop autism.

Although the main cause of autism is not yet known, the new study brings together an increasing body of results that link to poisonous microwaves to air pollution by increasing the risk of autism in children..

So far, the study carried out by the University "Simon Fraser" In British Columbia, among the largest studies that link autism to autism and found "clear evidence" that the risk of autism in a child increases every three months in the womb, in which the mother is exposed to high levels of pollution.

The researchers found that the mother's exposure to one of the main chemicals, nitrous oxide, during pregnancy, increases the risk of autism in children.

Nitra oxide is produced when fuel is burned, and exhaustion of cars and trucks is the main source of these toxic substances, which are mainly concentrated in cities and along highways.

The researchers reported an increase in the risk of autism among children, a 9% by 10.7 molar (ppb) Increase in nitric oxide (NO) In their surroundings.

On the contrary, there was no such risk for girls. Not surprisingly, autism is more common among males at 4 times, so women are a very small fraction of the samples studied..

He said the epidemiologist at the University Simon Fraser, And the main author of the study, Lev Pagalan: "These results suggest a reduced exposure to nitrous oxide, for pregnant women can be associated with diminishing the impact of Austrian spectrum disorders"He said.

About one in every 100 children is diagnosed with autism, but symptoms do not usually appear until the second year of life.

An automatic spectrum disorder is defined as a complex condition, limiting the ability of children to interact socially or communicate with others.

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