Tuesday , January 19 2021

«Face» launches services I choose Government soon

Prince Bandar al-Mishari, deputy minister of the interior for technical affairs, said with the participation of the International Association for Industrial Security in the Western Region, that he will launch the month of "reconstruction of Iran", which will include the services provided by the Interior Ministry to the government sectors.
The activity of the International Organization for Industrial Security was launched by the "Digital Change in the Ministry of the Interior" under the "Vision of the Kingdom 2030", presented by Prince Bandar Al-Mashari.
Al-Bader bin Mohammed Ja'ja, head of the International Industrial Safety Association in the Gaza Strip, said that their activities complemented the work of the International Company for Industrial Security, which is the largest professional body in the world, and seeks to develop knowledge and research related to industrial security In order to improve the level of security professions in the region. In the preparation of educational programs and materials, exchange of experiences and technical information, relating to best practices and security and human resource management equipment working in this vital area, in addition to holding special seminars and exhibitions.
He noted that the vision of the International Society for Industrial Security is designed to improve the level of security professions worldwide by harnessing advanced programs for improvement through education, research, training and conferences, as well as scholarships to ensure that those who wish to work in the field of security management achieve the highest level of academic achievement.
He explained that the Dahrani branch is one of the oldest branches in the Middle East and includes a large group of security experts. The branch organizes meetings, conferences and exhibitions of a high standard. As well as the accompanying exhibition, as well as identifying resources and professional needs and monitoring the funding required for the establishment and development of programs for developing knowledge and experience in security work.

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