Monday , June 21 2021

How to keep your head getting memory loss? Learn about the causes and methods of prevention

Have you ever imagined that one member of your family or family or even your friends will not remember you? An injury is accompanied by psychological and moral pain, causing suffering to the patient's environment, especially if the loss of memory has reached the nearest people.

The loss of memory occurs, in whole or in part, and makes the individual unable to remember the events and information he experienced and experienced regularly, and may be memory loss in things that sound or appear in a few minutes or seconds or something that happened in the past, according to the medical news website.

Monitors «The Voice of the Nation» Types of memory loss, its causes and methods of prevention are as follows:


For loss of memory the first three types of it is immediate loss such as forgetting the sounds and scenes stored for a few seconds, the other short-term memory loss, including loss of parts of memories such as phone numbers, numbers, and other cached symbols, the latter is distancing and during which a person loses more Permanent memories of the past.

The extent of the injury

Some 40% of people aged 65 and over have a memory problem and only 15% develop dementia each year, while some emotional problems can cause injury. The disease is associated with memory loss and some other emotional problems such as anxiety, depression and stress , And these patients also suffer from difficulty sleeping.

A person may also have memory loss due to head injury or stroke. This type of sudden memory loss the patient often forgets everything that happened before the accident.


The causes of amnesia depend not only on emotional problems, but also on the incidence of certain diseases that cause memory loss such as thyroid disease, vitamin B1 deficiency, alcohol use, side effects of drugs such as tranquilizers or drugs in Parkinson's patients, memory loss can be caused by a psychological crisis or brain tumor .

Methods for prevention

Memory loss patients need the proper support of friends and family, and can prevent memory loss by following a healthy lifestyle and maintaining an active brain memory function with age.

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