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Learn about the types of foods you should stop eating after the age of 30

Learn about the types of foods you should stop eating after the age of 30

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– Sky News: When we are young, we do not take the pain of eating foods full of sugars or fat, all burned by our activity that does not stop, but when we exceed the age of thirty, it is completely different.

We review 10 foods among a large group that we should stop eating at age 30 because the body can not treat it as it did at a young age, according to a nutrition and nutrition site.

Yogurt with flavors

Yoghurt flavored contains a large amount of sugar, which young people need to create collagen to keep the skin fresh. After 30 years, the need for it is not left, and all that is going to increase your weight.

Canned snacks

Salt is a killer for our body, and canned soup contains large amounts of it with sodium, up to 40 percent for a meal. Eating this food can lead to weight gain, cancer and infertility.

Breakfast Bakery

As we age, our bodies can not handle sugar pies and pastries, because they do not move food faster than before. Experts also say that too much sugar will reduce the child's age.

Soft drinks

Soft drinks are full of sugar, as well as contain cancer-causing pigments, so avoid them as much as possible.

Cold coffee

Cold coffee, like regular coffee, full of caffeine, an alarm that keeps you up late at night. In addition, caffeine accelerates aging and increases the lines and wrinkles on your face around your mouth.

soy sauce

Most people drown rice with soy sauce, but they do not understand the risk: one tablespoon of soy sauce contains 879 milligrams of salt, which is much higher than the daily needs of the human body, and this will stimulate blood pressure.


Milk is useful but very acidic, and our body can not treat it after 30 years with the same efficiency at a younger age. While the acidity in dairy products can not be completely avoided, we need to reduce them.

Energy drinks

If you drink a lot of energy drinks, then you really hurt the metabolism. Such sugar drinks is too high to exceed the needs of the body.

Farm fish

Most fish are healthy, but their varieties are full of chemicals and bacteria. These toxins will be difficult for your body to treat as you age.

Fruit juices

Fruit juices are one of the worst drinks you can eat at a later age, especially since they are pasteurized, so all the nutrients are absorbed before they reach the supermarket.

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