Thursday , June 17 2021

Soldiers of the "Ares Mormal" forces against "Mahmoud Hamida"

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Since the world began the film "Poisonous Poison" by Ahmed Fawzi Saleh, about a year after his first film was screened in almost 40 festivals around the world and won the film "The Poisonous Poison" by Ahmed Fawzi Saleh. Best Film Award from the African Film Festival Tripa in Spain.

The film revolves around Tsakar, who wants to escape from the al-Madabah district, where he lives and works in Egypt, but his sister wants to prevent him from traveling at any cost, and the nurse works as a toilet cleaner in a commercial center.. The film was screened in Egypt after it was chosen to participate in the Arab Cinema Film Competition at the 40th International Cairo Festival, which begins on November 20..

The film "poison poison" is based on Ahmed Zaghloul Al-Shati's book "Roots of thorns for thieves" and starring Cookie, Ibrahim Al-Naji and Safa Al-Tukh. Alongside the special appearance of the great star Mahmoud Hamida.

The film is a joint Egyptian-French production, produced jointly by a penguin and a red star from EgyptElectrical productions From France, and received the support of several players. Behind the camera, most of them experience their first experience after graduating from the Film Institute, and Ayed Nader was director of photography in his first photographs as a photographer, and after his second short film as director at the Berlin Film Festival, Bassam Farhat made his first attempt. In her first work she collaborated with the French montage, Koutebeh Brahmi, the work of the Montage, And post-filming between Cairo and France, attended by Egyptian technology people. Together with a technician from France. The film's director, Ahmed Fawzi Saleh, said: "My film does not depend on crying or despair, so life goes on, the lives of ordinary people, without a hero's championship, because the rest of this life is starring, and I just want to glorify this normal life without despair and without hope.. Director Ahmed Fawzi Saleh is a graduate of the Film Institute and presented his first documentary film "La Chai" in 2010. He has been shown in several international festivals and received several awards, along with critical accolades from Egypt and abroad, and since 2012 works on his project «Poisoned.

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