Friday , May 14 2021

«Trump» is a full report on the killing «Khashoggi» this week

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"Trump" is a full report on the killing of "Huggy" this week, citing the sunrise site, on Sunday, November 18, 2018.

US President Donald Trump promised a "full report" on the death of Saudi journalist Jamal al-Khaji on Monday or Tuesday.

"What happened is terrible, the death of a journalist, we will report in a few days, maybe on Monday or Tuesday," Trump said in Malibu on Saturday.

So he said definitely will be "report on Tuesday".

The report will deal with "the overall impact, who caused it and who did it."

When asked about the CIA's assessment of Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman's involvement, Trump said: "They still have not appreciated anything.

We thank you and the visitors of the Saudi-Egyptian website for their trust and presence, and we promise you to provide all the new and important news from all the trusted sources. "Trump was quoted in a full report on the killing of this week's revelers, the source responsible for the news.
Source: Sha'ar Sorek

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