Sunday , May 28 2023

After a month of detention: Guy Marius left Rebeuss


After more than twenty days of preventive detention for false warnings against terrorism, activist Guy Marius Sagna yesterday obtained temporary parole.

The visor has been dropped: Guy Marius Sagna activist was released on bail yesterday. He was arrested on July 19 for "false allegation of terrorism," obtained freedom on Friday. This was foreseeable if we know that the prosecution did not contravene the defense's claim, which seized the indictment chamber of the Dakar Court of Appeal.
Guy Marius Sagna is one of the leaders of the Front for a popular and pan-African anti-imperialist revolution (Frapp), at the forefront of the protest against the EPAs, "the introduction of foreign capital", the CFA Franc. , France takes off. He was arrested after Facebook posted a "poster" of the Frapp movement, which accused France of "psychologically preparing people to live with the idea of ​​the terrorist threat." He was therefore arrested on false terrorism charges.
The arrest sparked a wave of outrage from human rights organizations, which also launched an international campaign for the release of Guy Marius Sagna. In a press conference yesterday, his lawyers denounced arbitrary detention because he is a figure of opposition and opposition to the regime. In front of the press, Mr Moussa Sarr, who had helped Mr Sagna since the first hours of his arrest, denounced the process that led to his seizure on 19 July. First, reports Me Sarr, the questions concerned two "posts" he made about the poor quality of health facilities in Senegal. According to Sarr Sarr, no offense was reported to him on this subject. Later, against all others, he was released a "mail" made by the Frapp-France movement clear to which he belongs. A situation that the lawyer finds quite curious. He even wonders why they want to attribute to him the paternity of a statement and a "poster" that he has not made. Moreover, Moussa Sarr thinks that this statement we are talking about is not even information, but an analysis of a situation. In the eyes of the lawyer, it is clear that with the arrest of Guy Marius Sagna, we are questioning freedom of expression. Because according to him, we cannot prosecute Mr. Sagna because of a false terrorism alert.
At the time, the president of the Senegalese League for Human Rights argued that we were addressing fundamental rights and security of the person. Analyzing the situation, Mr Ndiaye argued that "we are witnessing a dark period of unequal democracy". So for him, we need to make sure that "Guy Marius Sagna is released automatically." According to Mr Ndiaye, it is not even a question of requesting a temporary release, but the termination of the mandate of deposition is necessary. Otherwise, he was released on parole after more than 20 days of detention.
This information strongly reassures the Senegalese Coalition of Human Rights Defenders (Coseddh) and the West African Network of Human Rights Defenders (Roaddh), who "believe he has been arrested and detained for exercising his rights." the right to freedom of expression and opinion guaranteed by the Constitution and regional and international treaties to which the State of Senegal is a party. "In the end, the two organizations demand," in the light of information gathered by his lawyers and members of his organization, the abandonment of all charges and charges against Guy Marius Sagna ”.

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