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Barcelona Barcelona – Controversy: When Malcom discovers behind the scenes of his exchange with Messi!

For the leg – Barcelona

Posted on November 15, 2018 at 0h30 by A.M.

Returning to the front after his unpretentious debut, he spoke of the importance of Lionel Messi for this renewal.

Malcolm Coming back from a distance. A few days ago, the Brazilian played only 25 minutes in all competitions. But between the injury of Philip Coutinho and the sanction ofOsman DemblaMalcom returns to the scene. The top scorer in the Champions League against Inter (1-1), the former Bordeaux has a second bound of rank against House of Seville In the league (3-4). and Malcolm Promise it Lionel Messi Had a leading role in returning to the form.

"He accompanies me, it's an honor, I'll never forget it"

" Messi, for me, is the best in the world. You never know what he's going to do, it's very hard to know where he's going. I have a chance to play with him, every day, to learn, and it is not given to everyone. Before the start of the game against Betis (first term of the league season, Ed), in the tunnel, we talked a little, he told me to make calls when he had the ball that he would find me. He finds profits that is a foreigner of football, someone who always wants the good of the team, because that is the captain. He pushes his partners to give the maximum, always giving advice, so you give the best. He knows how to motivate you. I, he accompanies me, it's an honor, I'll never forget it "promising Malcolm In an interview with ESPN Whose comments are reported by For lego.

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