Thursday , June 17 2021

France: Computer security gendarme fears "cyber-Pearl Harbor"

The director of Anssi, the French security policeman, Guillaume Poupard, fears a "succession of massive surprises", believing that all the technical elements are grouping for "Ciber-Pearl Harbor".

"We are afraid and want to avoid successive surprise attacks. All the technical elements are available, it is only for the will and to clarify the first lack", worries the director of the National Agency for the Security of computer systems, in an interview with the Parisian, Friday evening.

Mr. Poupard warns of two threats, "intelligent robbery" and "sabotage". "The geopolitical context is being damaged, some countries can be able to try to attack us with cyber attacks by day," he warns.

The head of the Anssi explains "detected attacks by state actors, private or terrorist, who are not yet trying to destroy but install and specially study computers" in three major sectors: "energy, telecommunications and transport." "For example, it is necessary to anticipate the terrorist attacks that would imply in an airplane, whose system was pirateable in 10 years," he continues.

The French government has also announced its intention to reinforce "email security" on Friday to avoid any attempt to spy or sabotage on the 5th mobile phone.

This proposal comes from the unfaithfulness of China's world-leading manufacturer, Huawei, and fear of the possible use of its team with Chinese intelligence services, expressed in particular by the United States.

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