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Groix Island "With subtitles, we're at the heart of the island film festival"

In Port Lay, according to the noise of gunfire, volunteers are already preparing for the 2019 edition of Fifig. Invisible, before its screen, others finish the subtitles of the selected films.

"This is the last league, often unfortunately neglected, due to lack of resources, explains Gaedig Bonabesse, who coordinates the small team of volunteers. The films shown here rarely have the opportunity to see them elsewhere. They do not go to movies or TV and often, there are still no French subtitles. Sometimes we can start from English subtitles, and sometimes we have to translate everything, synthesizing », the one who started is passionately toldsubtitling films, more than ten years ago, for the Festival des 3 continents in Nantes.

The Chilean Islands in the spotlight

"Since I am from Lorient, I knew the Groix International Film Festival (Fifig) and so I offered my help. Later I trained on subtitling and I created my association Lalinea to offer this service. The Since July Gaedig has been supporting nine Spanish-speaking volunteers. Many have no caption experience.

"The first three minutes I thought I couldn't do it, Alice has fun, one of her. The Chilean accent from the depths of Patagonia is difficult! And it's funny how the ear fits. We must weigh each of his words. Finding out how to translate Chilean words that don't exist in French … It was a bit like being behind the scenes of the festival, in the dress. The Gaedig agrees: "I remember, when I was subtitled Wavumba Jeroen Van Velzen, which takes place on the island of Zanzibar. So attractive! With subtitles, we are at the heart of the festival. The

A few days before the festival, Gaedig now introduces volunteer translations for the dozen films into pictures, thanks to special software.

"You have to control the synchronization with the images, the speed of reading, the length of the subtitles, and then hunt for Spanishism, the score. The

Methodical work often done in a few days, by the means. "The stakes are too important. So much energy to produce these films, to organize this festival, it should not be that, because of bad subtitles, it should remain and that the films cannot reach their audience. c. The

Groix International Film Festival, August 21st – 25th. Contact and information:

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Groix Island "With subtitles, we're at the heart of the island film festival"

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