Tuesday , May 11 2021

It will be all or nothing between England and Croatia

Who would emulate Germany and come down in the second division League of Nations ?England, The last fourth in the World Cup, either Croatia, His executioner in the semifinals? It will not be anywaySpain. Men 's Luis Enrique There are more games to play in Group 4 but at the top of their six points, they are guaranteed to finish second in the worst case. They will look at the overwhelming shock between England and Croatia, apparently praying to neutralize the two elections. Indeed, if there is a tie WembleySpain will join the last four of the competition.

Too bad for the Croats, who have just overcome the Iberian choice (3-2) in a game with a crazy scenario. Success against a known opponent who has returned to life Ivan Rakeit A sense of bitterness at the end of the last World Cup lost against France last July. "For an hour we were the best, but this final god of football was French"He said in an interview with the Guardian on Friday, after touching the trophy of world football, Barça's midfielder is convinced that his choice is part of the elite intends to ride the wave well and suck the three lions.

But the men 's Garth South Will play the game while Rakitic missed the pitch due to Roja injury. Three days after celebrating the latest international class of Wayne Rooney – Against the US (3-0) -, it is the turn of the younger generation to take over and consolidate profits after four games without defeat.

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