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Ivory Coast / Mobile telephony: the regulator denies degradation of the quality of service

"During the updating of their networks, operators will have to meet all the necessary measures to ensure the stay and quality of service," the CEO of the ARTCI, Bilé Diéméléou, who, on the other hand, recommended the president of the Telecommunications Regulatory Council, Lémassou Fofana during newspapers. He announced to the tail that "hearing is in progress".

Continued, among others, has sent operators operators to strengthen the security of their infrastructure to minimize the impact of acts of vandalism, to inform the general public in case of work, events or defects of nature to degrade the quality of their network service and respect their networking commitments in the network to consider the extension of cities.

Beyond the operators, the head of the regulatory regulation in Côte d 'Ivo also made recommendations to the population. It agreed, among others, that it refuses from any act, which may seem to degrade the facilities and technical infrastructures under the penalty to reduce the sanctions provided by the law and facilitate the implementation of radio sites.

"Despite the actions taken, the quality of services continues to deteriorate. Therefore, ARTCI reinforces its measures," said Diéméléou, announcing a series of measures including hearing about the respect of investments in the context of the obligatory commitments in the specifications of the operators. .

"The result of this auditorium will be published in the first quarter of 2019," he added.

"Control of quality of service is on the way, in the case of new shortcomings noted, the penalties will be much harder and could go away from reducing the duration of the licenses until their final withdrawal," he also warned the sector's regulator telecommunications in Ebur-Evo, postponing "a level of unsatisfactory quality of service of mobile networks and a sharp deterioration of this quality of service in recent months."

Orange, Mtn and Moov are the three operators that share e-mail networks in Côte d'Ivoire with more than 30 million subscribers on June 30, 2017, according to ARTCI.

Created in 2012, ARTCI has several missions including the regulation of the telecommunications sector and the broadcasting of operating licenses for telecommunications in Ebur-Evo.

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