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Netflix France: Which film or cartoon chooses for children from 6 to 10 years? – Numerama – Pop

Difficult to navigate the series and films offered by Netflix, even more when it comes to finding content suitable for children. We have chosen for you series and movies to watch from 6 years.

Netflix's "children" and "family" categories do not differ between 3 and 14 years old. Those between the ages of 6 and 10 can understand more complex scenarios than the content stories for younger people. But you still have to protect them from too "adult" movies.

To help you choose peacefully, Numerama's editorial has chosen several series and a movie for children between 6 and 10 years.

A new generation animated film is part of a growing selection of children's and Netflix children's series. // Source: Netflix

Dreamworks and Netflix work together regularly, and you will find in this selection several classics of the brave study. Also, some of these films are available in series and turn on exclusive to the sVOD platform.

Instead, Disney is moving away from more and more Netflix, and plans to launch its own platform shortly. The brands and series of the brand, no longer present at Netflix, could not be in the future.

If you are looking for more adult choices, you can read our news articles on Netflix in October and November, but also update content that will leave the Netflix France directory in December.


Arturo and the Invisibles

Arturo, visiting his grandparents, breaks his father's secret. It is red and transported to the Minimoys world, some beings up to a few millimeters. In this little world, Arthur hopes to find a treasure to prevent the sale of his grandmother's house. If the first game you like, Netflix offers both suits.


Movie selection of children does not correct if it does not include a movie around an animal. Exclusive to Netfilx, Benji tells the story of an orphan puppy, secretly collected by two children.

Charlie and the chocolate factory

The film adapted from Roald Dahl's book, in his most recent version of Tim Burton, could allow you to remove your kids from a meal for a moment.


Harold's young blacksmith must convince his Viking village that he can live in harmony with the dragons instead of confronting them. For this, he can have his powerful – but especially adorable – dragon, Krokmou. The two options are not available, but Netflix has developed with Dreamworks a short movie in the same universe, as well as two series: beyond the banks, in 6 seasons, and legend of Dragons, 1 season for now.

On the way!

Aliens as bright as they are stupid, the Boats, invade the earth. During this operation, a young man, Tif, is separated from his mother. She crosses the way of Oh, Boov slightly apart.

Ernesto and Celestine

Adapted for comics, this beautiful cartoon follows the birth of a wonderful friendship between a drawing mouse and a bear. The pencils and cake colors give the film a very soft aesthetic.


Classic Disney, which could quickly leave the launch of the next Disney + platform.

Kung Fu Panda

The great martial art teacher Oogway designates Po, a clumsy panda, as the chosen owner to protect the valley. He will have to train with the Five Legends, main animals kung-fu, to prepare to reject the threat hanging over his village. The Netflix catalog also calculates Kung Fu Panda 2 and several derivative series.

The little dinosaur and the valley of wonders

Petit Pied, an apatosaur, must join the great valley to find her grandparents. He meets several children of different species who will accompany him during their trip.

I, ugly and ugly

Do you want to understand where the Mines come, these little yellow people are so worshiped, as they are unseenable, used by presenters everywhere? Well, look I, ugly and ugly, and follow Gru, super-bad professional (with a great heart).

New generation

A young girl who loves a giant robotic robot and has to overcome a new threat … The synopsis of the Netflix movie and the appearance of the company of robots reminiscent of those of Disney New Heroes But the SVOD platform deals with its scene of Chinese comics, 7723.


The Shrek ogre must return Princess Fiona back to the wicked Lord Farquad, to be quiet in her marsh. Now a classic animated film with a cultural soundtrack and a fun and angry donkey.


how Herculethis classic Disney may not last long in Netflix, with the arrival of the Disney + platform.

Wallace and Gromit: The Rabbit-Garou Mystery – movie

In the run up to the year's Greater Vegetable Contest, Wallace and his dog Gromit face a very strange rabbit. We recommend this movie only for the animation made entirely of modeling clay.


Avatar, the last owner of the Air – 3 seasons

In a world where people can rule an element in their nation, Aang, a young boy, must learn to handle all. Accompanied by his flying buffalo and his group of friends, including two water and land maidens, his mission is to bring peace among nations.

Ben 10 – 3 seasons

Ben travels with his cousin and grandfather when he finds a watch. This allows him to transform himself into one of the 10 monsters offered by the device, in order to confront mysteries and dangers.

Hilda – 1 season

Hilda watches in her cottage, lost in a lovely forest and populated by strange creatures, until her mother decides to move to the city. Of course, the magic does not stop at the sight of bitumen. Adapted for Luke Pierson's comic strip, this series is exclusive to Netflix and will be released on November 21, 2018.

The magic bus – 1 season

Class of primary schools embark on each episode in the magic bus to learn fun. If you find that the original series is old, Netflix has made a modern version, with two seasons available. You have to judge …

The adventures of Tintin – 3 seasons

The adventures of the famous journalist, accompanied by his Snowy dog, directly adapted to comics.

Empty heads – 1 season

Beyond this very bad title, we find a nice original series of Netflix, in a universe near video games. The three heroes must in each episode solve a riddle, depending on their superpowers.

Shei and the princesses in power – 1 season

Adora, an elite soldier, finds a magic sword that turns her into a legendary warrior She-Ra. With the help of the other princess, she will lead the Great Rebellion against the Horde. This Netflix series will bring memories to parents who love Musclor.

Fully Spies – 2 seasons

Sam, Alex and Clover, three high school girls, are also spies for the WHOOP, a secretary service agency, which prevents macroeconomic plans. Watch at a computer, a mobile phone and a powder.

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