Saturday , September 25 2021

New generation bank: the online bank Boursorama Bank

Nowadays everything is happening online, young people and younger people no longer have the time or the desire to go to town to meet their banker. We also need speed and a clear and fast response at any time of day or night. That is why the banking sector has evolved and the online banks are doing well. We have tested for you the Boursorama bank and they tell you everything there is to know.

Why choose an online bank?

Choosing an online bank is about simplicity, having an advisor listen to you by email, chat or phone. But as often as possible, it is possible to save on management fees and bank card fees. Indeed, online banks are more competitive than traditional bank leaders and tend to lower rates to stay attractive, so finding an online bank with a free bank card is not uncommon or other benefits of the kind.

An online bank also offers all the conventional services of a bank, such as checking your balance at any time through your mobile application. The possibility of increasing your ceiling in an exceptional or sustainable way but also the possibility of opening personal bank accounts, common funds, booklets …

What are the benefits of Boursorama Banque?

Boursorama Bank is an online bank that keeps talking about it and that's right! Indeed, in 2019, it is the 11th consecutive year that the platform is recognized as the cheapest bank in the market. A real highlight for customers who can thus save money by placing their savings.

In addition, the bank is very modern and even has the ability to be connected to the Google Play wizard that informs you directly about your account status. What is also noticeable is the availability of the bank advisers who are listening to you, directly from France and by telephone from Monday to Friday from 8am to 10pm and on Saturday also for calls between 8.45am and 4.30pm. Attention that undoubtedly stands out this online bank from its competitors. Counselors also respond to you by email or postal mail as needed.

For questions that are less concrete or do not necessarily require a personalized analysis, you can also find out all the answers to your questions directly online with the 24/7 service.

Rates of the online bank Boursorama Bank

It should be noted that all the bank cards offered by Boursorama Banque are free, so they will not cost you a monthly or annual subscription fee. In addition, the costs of opening and commissioning your account, including relocation, are also free. Not a bad surprise, so subscribe to the offer or find out in the first few weeks of putting your account into service.

Most management fees are also free if you use your bank account as a standard. Discoveries are no more expensive than the rest. An offer for professionals is also set up at great prices to see even if you join Boursorama pro.

So everyone can easily find their own account, whether they are private or professional. An offer with a limited debit card for youth under 17 is also available to raise the awareness of the little ones and also teach them how to manage money without losing money.

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