Wednesday , June 16 2021

Quinté + Prix du Luxembourg (Gr 3a), Saturday at Vincennes. CLEANGAME over the lotus

Checked in: 2 – 5 – 7 – 4 – 15

Captured at the beginning, CLEANGAME (photo) soon found themselves in the second half of the package. Then, changed by Jean-Michel Bazirehe came to the outbits out at the top of the climb. Full of resources, he accelerated in the turn to deal directly with a clear advantage. At the crossing of the post, it was CLEANGAME and the others … in pure retirement. This sonHURRICANO DE CELLANDO It's really amazing and barefoot, he shows that he is even better. Second place was taken by EZA GAMBLE, close together since the end of the final turn. By expanding his efforts, he assured the first access. Third place was for Dijon, one of the fastest at the beginning and constantly seen in a good rank. SHARON GAR sprinkled well and took fourth place at a costABYDOS DU VIVIER, very well away, who was one of the leaders of the race. EROS DE OAK, who was closer to the intersection of the tracks, had to be satisfied with the sixth place after being deceived for a better classification. VALCHIRIA OP, at first guilt, was quickly excused.


1500 m: 1 & 39; 07 "9

1000 m: 1 & 39; 09 "7

500 m: 1 & # 39; 11 "1

Arrival: 1 & 39; 10 "8

Dai: 1 – 8

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