Monday , June 21 2021

Removed from their leaders, opposition students in all their states

Despite the march forbidden by the prefect of Dakar, the opposition struggle of the opposition students (Fleo) longed to express his discontent with the regime in the place. Armed with stones, this group of 25 Candidates Meeting (C25) of the Constitutional Council defied the forces of the order before the Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar University (Ucad). But, without the young guides who have still called for this event, these young people went to the wall to decide their attitude. "This battle is a battle for the people. We ask all our leaders to enter and stop sleeping in their corner and lead the battle," said their spokesman. Malamine Fail to continue: "Originally, this march was organized by the opposition youth, the C25 youths. But today it is clear that we have not seen anyone. Although the prefect exceeds the rules, today we would like to welcome the presence of Our young political leaders will not accept that the fight is led by these young people, because they are young people who have the conditions but do not wet the jersey. And there are among them parliamentary parliamentarians who have parliamentary immunity, which should be But he says, the battle will continue gradually. "At Fleo level, we will ask for a new act to demand this regime before putting the conditions for free, transparent and democratic elections" on a daily basis.

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